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Managed WordPress Hosting

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In the recent times, WordPress sites have been ruling the internet. Today’s businesses, be it big or small, are seeking reliable cloud solutions and if they have a choice of Managed WordPress hosting platforms they look no further in most of the cases.
Several hosting providers that offer such a service are glad to be doing so because of the vast number of active customers they’ve managed to generate in recent times.
There was a time when most of the cheapest hosting providers used to rule the market, especially during the previous decade, but now the tides are shifting. Business owners realize the need for a secure, scalable, and reliable hosting solution for their website right from the moment they decide to launch their business website. If an online business has to be affected, it takes no more than 10 minutes of downtime, which is why an efficient and reliable hosting solution is crucial
At the same time, there still remain many price-conscious buyers who still go with the most economical option, rather than looking at managed hosting services.
There are several competent website hosting providers today that function in the cloud, where several physical devices contribute to their infrastructure.
It’s common to see solid state drives integrated with Raid 10 technology for leveraging several systems to offer a reliable, scalable, and secure environment.
As per a report by Gemalto, a digital security firm, in the year 2014, more than a billion records were compromised, which made it ‘the year of hack’.
Irrespective of the website size, hosting in an unsafe environment may post consequences that might be irreversible for a business
Hosting providers should place themselves in the shoes of entrepreneurs and understand how downtime can affect a business.
As a business owner, no one would wish to experience downtime. Every business would want its site to blow up, though nothing can be more annoying than the failure of a server.
So, it’s important for vendors to give the needed assurance to their customers by offering data backup across multiple locations. And, those who overlook this critical aspect, often tend to lose hundreds and thousands of customers at a time, when something goes wrong, and all the customer data gets corrupted/lost due to unforeseen circumstances
Over the recent five years or so, WordPress has evolved to be the most utilized content management system on the Internet, powering over 75,000,000 sites, including great brands like Ford, CNN, Best Buy, Tech Crunch, and ESPN. Small-sized businesses can also use the same technology since WordPress is an open source platform, not to mention 100% free, which is a big advantage for those who can’t afford to burn big money on a content management system.
There was a time when web designers had to code the whole site from the scratch. WordPress advancements have eradicated the need for coding or HTML knowledge for designing a website. The widespread usage of this platform only shows the great advantages it offers for businesses around the world.
And, the availability of a plethora of plugins, free themes, widgets, and an ever-growing community of WordPress user only makes it a great pick for anyone and everyone!
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