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Megatron Technologies strives to develop innovative solutions for emerging business requirements.

This approach to business has enabled Megatron to emerge as one of the niche players.

We listen to customer pain points and derive the right solution.

Guiding Stars

Agility: We respond quickly to technology updates.

Quality: Megatron never compromise on quality. 

Minimalism: The company follows minimalism religiously.


When you create a fresh new site on Megatron, you can be confident that robust caching comes standard. You’ll get top performance out of even the highest traffic sites.

Backup storage offsite with Amazon

If your data isn’t stored offsite, you’re still at risk if anything were to happen to those files. We store all backups in the Amazon S3 cloud for maximum security and reliability. This way they’re physically separate from your site, and you can retrieve whatever you need at any point.

Free SSL certificates included with every site

With just a few clicks, you can install an SSL certificate powered by our friends at Let’s Encrypt for the low, low price of zero cents. No need to bounce back and forth between Megatron and a third party provider – you can get world-class hosting and encryption all under one roof with our built-in Simple SSL integration!

Hacker-free security

Having your site hacked absolutely devastate your business. Nobody wants to have ads show up on their homepage or spam go out from their email. So we work hard to make sure your site is always malware-free. If it does get hacked, we fix it.


  • Mission

    To Innovate Technology that enhance business
  • What is the response and resolution time for tickets?

    We guarantee 30m mins of response.
  • What about DDoS Attack

    All our servers come with Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Why Megatron Technologies

    We implement 30+ the best practices in industry