Block Chain Apps

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Blockchain applications are far more than just bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Hence, at Megatron Technologies, we strive to plan the most effective technology stack and convenient method of implementation to leave no stone unturned in making the best app for our clients.


Our expert team analyzes all the possible options that can bring out the desired result. Various technical, aesthetical and UX choices are scrutinized and shortlisted before we move on to further complex designing and coding.


We wireframe the design using sophisticated cloud features, including role-based permissions, real-time editing, annotated comments and design approvals to ensure the client's expectations are fulfilled within the budget and time.


With fast and comprehensive mockups by Megatron Technologies, you can visualize, test, and verify your ideas. As your team gains traction, explore and iterate, effortlessly transitioning from lo-fi to hi-fi as your project progresses. This will give an idea about the final product


With its qualities of decentralisation, immutability and distributed ledger, blockchain is bringing a dramatic shift to the corporate sector. We bring the best to start-ups and organisations, with a comprehensive grasp of its rising potential and expertise, integrating blockchain into mobility solutions.

Testing & Deployment

Because of the considerable shift in technology, validating and testing the implementation of blockchain technology has several intrinsic problems. Therefore, we test the product to ensure security and smooth functioning, the deployment and monitor the app till the client gives a green signal.