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We are server people with a spark

Xeon Processors

We ensure your websites load up to 100x faster, thanks to the ultra fast processors on our virtual machines.

Pure SSD Server

All of our servers have Only SSD storage which is 40% faster than normal storage, which can load complex data quickly.

Low Latency

Low latency can be especially important for internet connections utilizing services such as trading, online gaming and VOIP

RAID 1 Redundancy

In the event one drive fails, the other drive is an exact duplicate.Mirroring can also improve data positioning performance

LiteSpeed Server

A web server that can serve static content up to 5x faster, dynamic content up to 40x faster and HTTPS up to 3x faster than Apache.

Fastest Network

We have chosen to locate our infrastructure among the world's top data-centers, which allows us to access a variety of connectivity.

Proactive Monitoring

Your server is being monitored in real-time and you get to see all the metrics from the comfort of the console.

Data Backup

Megatron Technologies offer additional 250GB backup space as we care more for availability of your content